Crystal Visions


Crystal Visions

If you’re anything like us, not only did you listen to the “Rumours” album… you WORE IT OUT!

“Crystal Visions: The Music of Fleetwood Mac” presents the very best of Stevie, Christine, Lindsey, John, and Mick.

Featuring the vocals of three of CNY’s most respected songbirds, Donna Colton, Maureen Henesey, and Joanna Jewett, “Crystal Visions” will take you on a lyrical journey through the decades. Backing the ladies are some of CNY’s best: Kristopher Heels and John Kelsey on guitar, Sam Paterelli on bass, and Frank Neubert on percussion.

Our last Crystal Visions show at the Ridge Golf Club sold out, so stay tuned for our next date.




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