Ruby Throated Sparrow


Ruby Throated Sparrow at the Ridge

Ruby Throated Sparrow played to an enthusiastic, sold out crowd at the Ridge in April and again in October of 2016.

Celebrating the best of one of rock’s most beloved groups, “Ruby Throated Sparrow: The Best of Crosby, Stills and Nash” was an evening of unforgettable melodies and sweet harmonies.

“Ruby Throated Sparrow” featured three of Central New York’s best-known songbirds, Donna Colton, Maureen Henesey, and Joanna Jewett, performing three decades of the trio’s songs. The ladies were backed up by veteran musicians Kristopher Heels, Sam Paterelli and Frank Neubert.

The show was so well received that we’re looking at a reprise in 2017 – stay tuned for details!

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